Race Rules

Make sure to come back here before each race to review updated rules. They are subject to change. 

*Be a good person. Please use proper trail etiquette during course recon and Transfer Stages

2018 Rule Updates TBA

2017 Race Rules

1- Racers must compete on 1 bike for all stages and be self-supported; racers can carry replacement parts, tubes, tires etc.

2- Helmets must be worn during all Competition and Transfer Stages – Racers are welcome to carry 2 helmets (Full-Face/XC) – Full-Face helmets may not be worn rocked back on the head during climbs. The correct fitting, condition, and suitability of the rider’s helmet is the sole responsibility of the rider.

3- No Ear Buds during Competition Stages – In the interest of rider/race official communication for passing and staging, Ear Buds will not be allowed during Competition Stages, you are welcome to use headphones on Transfer Stages and before staging of individual categories.

4- Obey Proper Trail Etiquette — Transfer Stages are open to public use–in most cases racers will be “uphill traffic,” thus having the right of way. Please be courteous nonetheless and yield to hikers.

5- Transfer Stage Cut Off Times – Transfer Stages are not timed/raced but there is a time limit to complete the stage–racers will get 15 seconds added to their race time for every 2 minutes past the cut off time.

6- Protest Period – Any protest must be filed within 30 minutes of the last competitor completing the final race stage of the day. All final decisions will be announced within 60 minutes after the protest period closes. There is a $20 fee to file a dispute. Any protest deemed valid will be refunded the $20. Any protest deemed invalid will have his/ her $20 fee donated to the local trails association partner.

7- Man Down Rule – If you come across a downed rider, please stop to see that they are okay before continuing on. Use your judgment here. If a rider is broken or unconscious STOP, if they’ve fallen but appear to be okay, ride on. Let officials know and they will sort out your time loss/fallen individual.

8- All timed stages are gun-starts. While in the starting gate of all timed stages, riders will hear a six-beep countdown. Riders may start with both feet on the pedals but cannot cross the start line until the sixth beep has sounded. After the sixth beep, riders may start racing the stage. Any violation of this rule, will result in a 30-second penalty for each stage where a violation occurs.

Directions and Course Markings: A course map will be displayed at athlete check-in and online the week of each race. Riders are encouraged to study the map and understand the race route prior to riding.

Tape: Where two pieces of course tape on opposite sides of the course are used, riders must pass between them.

Directional Markers: In areas of open mountainside or slick rock, a single pole or tripod can be used to mark the direction of the route. Riders can pass either side of a single pole. In some cases, a long string of tape may be used to mark an outside line or hazard on course. Please stay on course and respect your surroundings. 

Any missing, crossing or passing the course tape on the wrong side will be deemed as course-cutting. Any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside the marked course will be disqualified. 


Rule Violations

  • Course cutting

Taking shortcuts on course in order to gain an advantage can both damage the environment and brings the sport and spirit of enduro mountain biking racing into disrepute. Therefore, any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the defined trail will be disqualified.

The race organizer may choose, in exceptional circumstances, to apply a time penalty, not a DSQ to a rider found to have cut the course without intention. However, any rider leaving the obvious line must be aware that they risk a DSQ.

  • Illegal outside assistance – Updated 8/24/17

Any competitor receiving outside assistance from a non-racer without prior agreement from the Race Director will be disqualified. This includes using team staff/outside help to carry equipment around the course or perform repairs during the race.



Violation Penalty
Other Start Violation (example: pushing into queue, delaying start, jumping start etc.) – 30 seconds
Not obeying course marking/course cutting – Disqualification
Unintentional course cutting – 30 seconds
Shuttling – Disqualification
Environmental Disrespect – From 1 minute to disqualification
Disposal of a goggle Tear Off on the trail – Disqualification
Altering the course – Disqualification
Food / Kit stashing – 5 minutes



Environmental Rules

  • Enduro mountain bike racing allows us to ride into remote, backcountry areas of natural beauty. It is of the utmost importance that all racers respect their environment and consider the impact they leave behind for the local riding community. The below rules have been put in place to protect our trails and our riding environments.
  • No disposable goggle tear offs are allowed to be used
  • The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited.
  • The SCOTT Enduro Cup reserves the right to penalize any rider whose actions are deemed to seriously damage the local environment.
  • Riders must not store food and drinks on the trail (Food Stashes). Packaging left behind and uncontrolled food supplies may have a serious impact on local wildlife and the local environment. Any rider found to be hiding or retrieving foods from unofficial feed stations will be penalized.
  • Riders must not store or drop clothing or equipment on the trail (Food/Gear Stashes) during Official Training or racing. All riders must remain self-sufficient and carry off the mountain what they carry it.

It is strongly recommended that all competitors carry:

  • Suitable backpack
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Emergency blanket
  • Innertubes/ puncture repair kit
  • Multi-tool
  • Basic, well-maintained first aid kit
  • Course Map
  • Food and fluids
  • Eye protection (glasses or goggles)
  • Whistle

Athlete Meeting:

The Race Director and/or the Competition Director will host a rider briefing the day prior the race. Any changes to the rules, course, timing, and details of course marking, feed stations and assistance locations will be communicated at this briefing. Non-attendance of the athlete meeting will not be accepted as an excuse for any rule violation by any rider.


2017 Series Points

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